Basics of Opt-In, Opt-Out Design: Parts 1 and 2
This time, your generous support actually gets you two blog posts. First, I've shared my keynote from the Living Games Conference on Opt-In, Opt-Out design. It's 20 minutes, but since I speak astonishingly fast it has approximately 40 minutes of content. (If you find the tempo unbearable, all that content will be covered in greater depth on the blog):

Part two is the beginning of this more in-depth discussion. It starts by establishing the first step – enabling people to meaningfully opt into your larp or event. Then it talks about why that is not enough. It's 1742 words.

At the end of the post I'm listing some related things I will cover in other posts at some length, but please don't let that stop you from asking about any of them, if you need to. You are also most welcome to wish for topics, talk to me about design challenges, or whatever it may be.

Thank you again for  your support! It means the world to me.