BAT Community Discord Server AKA Computron

We use a Discord server to host the communications for the BICYCLIST Adventure Team. It is a text and voice chat platform that includes channels for discussing all manner of topics. It is your personal Q&A for the bike, the bicyclist life and the BICYCLIST.

The server is a friendly and moderated community with answers from the BAT and other members of the BICYCLIST community at your fingertips. And with no ads, no memes from your annoying nephew, and a strictly-moderated community policy, we see it it as a safe harbor in a virtual world of intolerance, propaganda and signal noise. 

We offer refuge for those seeking  a community of people who are nice to one another online. Individuals who have a passing interest in the world of transporting themselves from one place to another by some repetitive motion of limbs, legs or arms. 2-wheels or more, helped along with electro-motion or not, even skateboarders and scooter enthusiasts who eschew the automobile for outdoor recreation or commuting, please join in. 'Not Male' tolerant? Absolutely. We have a #strictly-not-male channel precisely for this purpose. Not sure what that means? No worries! Computron is your answer to everything. 

To get going, it will require installing the app on your phone or mobile device, setting up an account with Discord and joining our server. The invite link is posted for patrons here

Please read the 'Rules and Welcome' shown when you join the server and we'll see you on the inside. 

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