Batch 11: Rangers of Sword Valley (Pioneer)
Sword Valley was once the most dangerous regions of the wilderness and filled with deadly creatures and hideouts of murderous brigands. Until the Rangers appeared out of nowhere and cleansed the valley of evil and danger. Now the valorous services of the Rangers of Sword Valley are in demand throughout the land - even when there are whispers of a dire secret being kept by these skilled woodsmen.

...or you could use these paper miniatures for any fantasy campaign wherever you see fit. They are fit to be human swordsmen, archers, woodsmen and sages in your campaign. If you squint hard enough, some of these could even be Elves.

Photo: Six Rangers prepare to skirmish with a dark wizard and two skeleton minions, and an orc and a lizardman! (These Rangers were printed using the detailed Mariner-class pdf.)

The "" contains the free Pioneer-class "hishgraphics-sword-valley-rangers01-pioneer.pdf" file . Files with higher details and 6 pages of character art for Mariner- and Voyager-class patrons, respectively, to follow.