Batch 13: The Uplifts of Space
Photo (L-R): An octopus sentinel, an octopus mercenary, a corvid engineer, a corvid bounty hunter, a chimpanzee aide and a chimpanzee gladiator.

We return to the Transhuman Heroes paperminis featuring sapient uplifted animals with enhanced intelligence and cognition, who live side-by-side with their human patrons on starships and on space stations. As usual there are 12 minis, with 2 differently-coloured sets of 6 inked artwork.

The "" attached compressed file contains the free Pioneer-class "hishgraphics-uplifts-01-pioneer.pdf" file . Files with enhanced colouring for Mariner-class patrons, and Mariner-class pdf PLUS a 6-page booklet with full-colour character artwork for Voyager-class patrons to follow!

Great for any sci-fi RPGs with uplifts of Earth creatures or extraterrestrials that looks like them. Please share and/or be a patron! Thanks!