Batch 14: Intrepid Mechanoids (Pioneer-class)
Photo (L-R): A tripedal attack drone, a heavy lifter, a hexapedal fast scout, a quadcopter aerial reconnaissance flyer, an all-terrain repair bot and a quad-wheeled tri-armed helper mech... or whatever you want them to be in your campaign.

Updated (March 8 2017): Zip file attached was found to be in error. The error has been rectified. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Transhuman Heroes papermini series continues with a group of mechanoids, usable as robots in any science fiction campaigns (or synthmorphs in Eclipse Phase and droids in Star Wars) As usual there are 12 minis, with 2 differently-coloured sets of 6 inked artwork.

The "" attached compressed file contains the free Pioneer-class "hishgraphics-mechanoids-01-pioneer.pdf" file. Soon to be posted will be the files for Mariner-class patrons with Mariner-class paper miniatures with enhanced colouring (as per the photo above), and for Voyager-class patrons: a Mariner-class pdf PLUS a 6-page booklet with full-colour character artwork!