The Batchelder Chocolate Shop

This was boarded up for decades, then refurbished when Los Angeles started to recently discover that having a history was actually not all about the cops attempting to blow up Clifton's house.

It is completely covered in sculpted wood tile murals.

It's in the grottiest part of downtown Los Angeles, in the middle of a bunch of stores where at least 40% of the goods are stolen. I passed by and did a double take. I went in and talked to the man there, who let me wander through but disallowed photos. The next day I was scouting for the tunnels that used to connect the old banks and federal buildings (more on that another time) and encountered a building owner

who also owned this shop. He allowed me to take the photos. He was spry and active despite certainly being over 90.

I was later informed, though I'm not sure how accurate this information is, that the man in question was a holocaust survivor.

The building is again largely closed off, except for filming. Tours used to go through with the LA Conservancy, and may still. But since I'm a location scout and movie locations are my business, this was a great find.