*Taking place where Applejack and Rainbow Dash first welcome Sparks to their home at Sweet Apple Acres, the orange farmpony insists Rainbow to help Sparks get cleaned up before dinner is ready.  Reluctantly, she complies, and the two flyers share a bath together.  Eventually, Rainbow helps the hesitant Bat Pony with cleaning his wings, and she tries to come up with something to strike a conversation with him just to ease the tension between them.

RD:  “So Sparks… where did you learn on how to fly like that?”

Sparks:  “…I figured most of it out myself.”

RD:  “Really?  ‘Cause umm… those were some pretty slick moves back there.”

Sparks:  “...Yeah?”

RD:  “Yeah.  The way weave through those branches.  You’re sort of a natural at your age.  Heh, kind of like me when I was a filly.”

Sparks:  “Well… I guess you weren't so bad yourself.  Then again, I was going easy on you.”

RD:  (Grunts while applying shampoo on the colt's mane.)  “Watch it, rookie.  You're talking to real flyer over here.”

Sparks:  “Hmph, I’d say you boast more than you can fly, loudmouth.”

RD:  “Hey, I only speak the truth when it comes to showing off my brand of awesomeness.  You're the one who needs to watch your mouth, brat.  Speaking of which, you should probably hold your breath on this one.”

Sparks:  “Wha--?”

*The mischievous Rainbow Dash dunks Sparks into the water and pulls him back up, resulting him coughing out some of the water he unintentionally swallowed.

Sparks:  “Hey!  You almost got soap in my eyes!”

RD:  “You're right.  How silly of me.  Here, let's try that again, shall we?  Close your eyes now.”

Sparks:  “Wait--!”

*The smirking Pegasus dunks the Bat Pony back into the water before she pulls him back up once again.

Sparks:  “Applejack!  Rainbow Dash’s trying to drown me!”

RD:  “No I'm not, you big liar!  Guess we're gonna have to clean that filthy mouth of yours next.  Deep breaths now.”

Sparks:  “No--!”

*But his plea goes interrupted when the devious Rainbow Dash dunks him back into the water one last time.