Batten the Hatches
Hang on to your hats- we're in for some controversial fun. (Isn't that the best kind?) But first, the Case of the Missing Comic:

I didn't mean to leave things on a cliffhanger, but we're going to be skipping Prelude updates for a week or two. (May post a video to make up for it this week.) Fear not- Prelude will be back! I just need to finish the website revamp first.

I've got to focus and power through my coding incompetence, in order to get something ready and hosted by this Friday.

What happens this Friday, you ask?

Veterans of the weekly DK chat know something is up. I've been hinting that a highly controversial, polarizing, fabulous and slightly wicked public figure will be endorsing Dreamkeepers soon.

And by soon, I mean FRIDAY.

If you want the early scoop on the who and the what, come in to the Dreamkeepers chat this Thursday at 9:00, where a high-stakes game of '20 questions' will ensue. (I'll tweet the link at 9:00pm)

What will be the aftermath of this volatile marketing gamble? I haven't the foggiest, but I'm having a great time! No guts, no glory.

Prepare your memes...

This ought to be interesting.