Battening Down
Winter is here. Technically, we have a few more days, but the ground is covered in snow, it has been COLD the past few days, and I'm feeling an urge to stay home and curl up with a good book.

That's not how my life tends to go, though.

I had hoped to finish the book I'm writing- have I mentioned that yet?- before summer, but I'm still working on it. Interestingly, I spent much of the summer and fall with an injured achilles tendon, which made many things much more difficult- but also gave me the opportunity to gather some first-hand experience with the challenges of limited mobility. That will be a big part of the book project. I just looked back over the posts I've made on here, and I haven't really talked about it, so I'll do that soon.

The bad part of recovering from an injury for so long- besides it making most everything difficult- is that I didn't get out taking pictures nearly as often for the last few months as I had been in the habit of doing. It makes the times I'm able to be out and around that much more valued.

One of my plans for the winter include experimenting with some photographic styles that are new to me, and playing with setting themes for myself to focus on. I'll share some of those here.

If you're paying attention, you may notice that I do not yet have any "patrons" on here. Clearly, as a business model, this isn't working so well for me. I don't like asking for money, or trying to sell things, which results in... not selling so many things. :-) Clearly, I have a lot to learn about what causes people to spend money on something. I'm far more interested in sharing than I am in selling, but there is a balance there somewhere that I need to find.