Battle Against a True Hero - Woodwinds!
Good morning everyone! For this lovely warm Friday in February, let's kick it off with another Undertale arrangement! 

Now, I've done a few of these. Wait, more like A LOT of them. Undertale is a game I've played and that I loved. The music is fantastic, hence why I keep making arrangements of the music XD anyway, this piece comes from a scene in the genocide route during a boss battle (trying not to give spoilers). When I listened to it outside of gameplay, I imagined this being played by a woodwind ensemble (minus saxophones, sorry guys). In the end, this is the final result! I plan on releasing a piano version of this score, so be on the lookout for that! 

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Keep practicing and I'll see you guys soon! 

Equipment used:

Writing the music: Finale 2016

Music Display: Synthesia

Recording software: OBS

Additional audio editor: Mixcraft

Editing/rendering software: Adobe Premiere

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