Battle at Ship's End - New Short Adventure!

FREE Short Adventure, Battle at Ship's End

Author: Philip Alexandris
Editing: Constantine "Kelfecil" Christakis
The Houndmaster is coming and the people of Ship's End have no choice but to fight the raider and his crew. Will you join them in their valiant defense or are you too afraid to go against the infamous pillager?

Battle at Ship's End - DOWNLOAD LINK
(Patreon Only) - Extended Variant - DOWNLOAD LINK 

FREE Gamebook - The Houndmaster's Tale 


Featured Artist: Tactical Master
(Check out Tactical Master's Patreon page to find beautiful battle maps with lots of variants available for supporters at every release!)


Extra NPC Art: Printable Heroes
(Check out Printable Heroes' Patreon page to find tons of stunning art and tokens that you can print to use as printable minis!)


Recommended Average Party Level (APL): 5 to 6
Experience from Completion: ~6,000
General Theme: Protection, Tower Defense
Setting: Any, Starlight Chronicles
Sessions to Finish: x1 3-hour session


Hey everyone!

Today's release is by my amazing co-writer, Philip!

In Battle at Ship's End the players are called on to defend a village named Ship's End from a raider by the name of Houndmaster. They must cooperate with the villagers to set up defenses for the town, and then help them fight off the Houndmaster's attack.

The maps by Tactical Master help bring the little village of Ship's End to life as the adventurers build up its defenses to protect it against the oncoming raid.

This release also comes with a FREE Tales of Choice Gamebook that tells the tale of how the Houndmaster got to Ship's End. You can play this before the adventure (as a player or as a GM) in order to prepare for your upcoming one-shot adventure session!


As always, an Extended Variant is available for our lovely Patreon supporters in case you would like to get a bit more out of this adventure and also test your players' might and wit through a harder difficulty! It includes an extra Act with an extra Map.


Just like with all of our adventures, Battle at Ship's End is an adaptable module which can be used as a one-shot, as part of your own campaign, or as part of our unique Starlight Chronicles campaign. Make sure you check out the dedicated supplement if you would like to know more about the campaign setting!

Make sure you check the Vault with every new release to make sure you are up to date with the released content.


Philip has established himself as the other half of Kelfecil's Tales at this point, helping me with so much in terms of brainstorming for new projects and writing. You can most definitely expect a whole lot more from him in the future!

This whole thing is called Kelfecil's Tales but I have been clear about it from the very start that I am open to work with just about any other creative person out there to create engaging narratives and stories. That being said, I am more than happy to publish the work of someone like Philip, since I have worked with him in the past quite extensively and our communication and cooperation has always been fantastic.

The core of Kelfecil's Tales which is everything else around writing (editing, promotion networking and communications, etc.) is still done only by me and will continue to be so, since it allows me to maintain the same level of quality with all releases and material I put out there.

Till next time!


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