Battle Forever (Full Game) Review

Battle Forever is an arcade style Beat’em Up game that was developed by Inferno Games and is currently available on Steam. (At the time of this review the game is currently 30% off the regular price of $3.99) I originally reviewed the Tech Demo of this game a few weeks ago so this review is based on the full game. For the record, I played through the story mode to completion with one of the characters in a little over an hour then proceeded to try out the survival mode prior to reviewing this game.

If you have not read my original review of the Tech Demo please check it out here:


So I want to start off by clarifying some things that may not be popular knowledge. For those who don’t know this game was made in 150 days by 1 person with the help of his friend. Now nowhere does it say that on the Steam page does it say that and I think it should considering that would greatly change the opinion of some people who would potentially discredit the game. The only reason I know this information to be true is because I’ve been following the developer diary for this game since February. (


Battle Forever features retro style graphics that take the player back to the classics. The artwork, along with the music really helps the player feel like they are playing an old arcade game. Visually I like the artwork and feel that it starts to get more detailed over the course of the game. I also really liked the UI layout. It is simple and easy to navigate. Other than that I can't really say much on the game's presentation.


I enjoyed playing this game and had a lot of fun with it but sadly the engagement and replayability value for this game is not as high as I had hoped from playing the demo. As expected, Battle Forever’s main source of engagement comes from beating up enemies but unfortunately not much more than that. There are achievements the player can try to accomplish, some of which involve defeating a certain amount of enemies or using a certain move a certain number of times but other than that I felt the engagement was pretty low for me. There didn’t seem to be any reason for me to go back and play through the game again after beating the story mode the first time and I ended up losing interest in survival mode after about 20 or so waves of the set of enemies in the same order. 

Gameplay on the other hand was much improved and seemed a lot more balanced from the Tech Demo I originally played. The knockback of the strong attack was significantly decreased to feel more real and make the game more challenging. What I liked most was the evolution of enemies from one stage to the next. Essentially the game simply has two types of enemies (not including bosses), those with long ranged attacks and those with short ranged attacks. However as the player advances through stages the enemies get tougher by increasing the range, damage, health, defense, or even the amount of a unit and by the end the game does get incredibly challenging due to the sheer number of enemies the player has to face.


Considering that this game was made by a solo developer in such a short amount of time, I can’t help but like it. On the other hand, I personally feel like the game’s current state is best for a one-shot play though and doesn’t leave too much replayability value in my opinion. However, I would still recommend this game to people who really like Beat’em Up games or retro games in general. If you enjoy potentially hours of using your fists to beat up waves of enemies then I highly recommend this game to you and would greatly recommend check out the survival mode. 

Link to the game:

Thanks for reading, and Happy Game Making!!

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