Battle mage and Familiar files are now Available!

Hi all,

Apologies its taken a while to get this lot up for you.  Home life has been hectic, kids have been ill and I've been knocking down a world war 2 air raid shelter to make way for a new home office/studio (which will be my new work place/printing studio) - but those things were meant to withstand bombs and this one is doing a bloody good job standing up to my sledgehammer!!  

This is all that remains....

It'll be down soon and I'll keep you all posted with updates on the new building.  

Anyway, the files are now in - due to popular requests, I've put them in as single piece minis - if anyone wants them chopped up please let me know.  I've done 3 alternative minis with the different familiars so you can pick your favourite.  I've also added the 3 familiars so far into the component Library so they are there for you to access at will and add to other models.

I'll add a cat and an imp to the file soon too but not sure if they'll make it before the end of the month.  They'll be in during the access period of the files though and I'll put the notice up when they're ready.

I'll have a preview of next month's miniatures going up shortly too and the poll for the September additional sculpt.  

Please comment below with your suggestions - September's miniatures are the Warriors of the Cloth - a selection of Clerics and Paladins.  Keep to the theme, but otherwise anything goes!  I'll add all suggestions to the poll! 

Finally on the giveaway - Some of you may have noticed a competition criteria I put up a few days back.  I'd just woke up, we'd hit 100 Patrons, I got a little excited, hadn't properly woken up and hadn't properly thought it through.  Anyway, the long and short of it is I deleted the post after a few comments rightly pointed out a critical flaw in my plan!  Since then, the numbers have dropped and then risen multiple times - its still hovering just under 100.  At the end of the month, I'll do a random draw.  Each patron will be given a number between 1 and 100 (I'll publish a table with your allocated numbers) and then in true RPG style, I'll roll a D100 to select the winners number!  

Any questions or suggestions - as ever, please drop me a line or comment below.