Battle of the Ports - Cabal - カベール (Show #47) 60fps
I'll be on holiday over the Christmas season so to keep everyone's Battle of the Ports hunger down I'm uploading this new show today and another this coming Saturday (20th December). The next following show probably won't be until January 10th 2015. Please think about supporting the show by becoming my patron. Thanks so much! -------------------------------------------------------------------- PC USERS USE CHROME BROWSER TO SEE THIS VIDEO IN 720p 60FPS It's a TAD Corporation arcade game from 1988 with no story what so ever, it's Cabal. Time Code 00:26 - Arcade 01:56 - Atari ST 03:55 - ZX Spectrum 05:33 - Famicom / NES 07:14 - Amstrad CPC 08:38 - Amiga 10:46 - Commodore 64 (UK version) 12:23 - Commodore 64 (US version) Enjoy! Info (Wikipedia) Cabal is a 1988 arcade video game originally developed by TAD Corporation and published in Japan by Taito Corporation and in North America and Europe by Fabtek. In this game, the player controls a commando, viewed from behind, trying to destroy various enemy military bases. The game was innovative for the era, and a modest success in sales.