Battle of the Ports - Wonder Boy (ワンダーボーイ) Show #73 - 60fps
Re-upload version. The original upload had an error in the video time.

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Wonder Boy was the very first game I bought with my own money way back in 1987 for the Sega Master System. It was also a game that was very close in looks and sound to it's big arcade brother. But how do the other ports stand up to the arcade version?

Time Code:

00:31 - Arcade

02:45 - Commodore 64

04:11 - Amstrad CPC

05:53 - ZX Spectrum

06:41 - MSX

08:42 - Sega SG1000

10:36 - Master System

13:49 - Famicom

15:22 - Game Gear

17:20 - All versions