Battle of the Ports - Road Blaster / Road Avenger (ロードブラスター) Show #140 - 60fps
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Never mind Dragon's Lair being the best ever animated Laser Disc game. In my opinion Road Blaster was the ultimate animated laser disc arcade experience.

In this volume of Battle of the Ports we take a look at 7 versions of the game.

Sadly I couldn't get the MSX version to run. This video is also missing the Japanese only Windows release, X68000 version and the unseen 3DO prototype.

Time Code

00:28 - Arcade
03:01 - Laser Active Mega LD
04:43 - PlayStation
06:26 - Saturn
07:48 - Super Famicom
09:33 - Mega CD
11:03 - iOS
12:47 - All versions side by side