Battle of the Ports - Sega Rally Championship
It's Sega Racing time again. Now Sega Rally Championship is up for comparison. Time Code: 00:19 - Arcade 04:37 - PlayStation 2 08:59 - Sega Saturn 13:57 - Windows '95 18:21 - Game Boy Advance 22:26 - N-Gage 23:30 - XBOX 360 There was also a Japanese mobile phone version of Sega Rally Championship that I once owned many years ago. The game was Java based and a complete port of the arcade game. It wasn't that good to be honest but it was years ahead of the N-Gage game even though it was released before. Unfortunately I can't show you this game because finding the ROM is impossible. The only mobile phone Sega Rally ROM out there is for the western Sega Rally 3D which is a completely different game and not based upon Sega Rally Championship.
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