Battlechat 24 with Jasper Oorthuys

Jasper is the Editor of the hugely successful Ancient Warfare magazine and the General Manager of Karwansaray Publishers who are also responsible, of course, for the popular Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine for which, you may have noticed, I pen a regular slot (as, indeed, do some of your fellow patrons!). As you'll hear, Jasper lives and works in the Netherlands (and, like the vast majority of his fellow citizens, he speaks perfect English) from where he commands the ever-growing list of publications emanating from Karwanseray HQ.

Jasper came to wargaming relatively late in life, after spending years honing his skills in the military modelling sphere, until a revelation sparked by his friendship with Guy Bowers led to Karwansaray acquiring the WSS title from its erstwhile Spanish owners. The rest, as they say, is history and Jasper reveals the inside story of how they managed to turn the title around from an also-ran to market leader.

The magazine is also well known for its annual "Great Wargaming Survey" that elicits thousands of valuable responses, and we delve deeper into the kind of revelations the data has provided, and our thoughts about the current state of the hobby, as well as getting Jasper's insights into some of the issues around magazine publishing that I discussed in Battlechat 21 with Dan Faulconbridge.

Jasper's a very relaxed guy and I enjoyed my chat with him a great deal, which is why we rambled on for an hour and three quarters! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time in his company too.


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