Battledore 21st Century

Train your children for the battles of the 21st Century. Where brands, countries and organized crime compete for your allegiance. Using art, history, finance, education, news, war, social media and religion they fight to keep a hold on your mind. Learn to fight back by subverting the tools they wield.

A battledore is tablet used to teach children the alphabet. It often had images for each letter and a poem or prayer. This version contains brands and icons of modern weapons of war which include information technologies, social media and finance. 

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Made by hand drawings of letters and images using vector graphics on a digital tablet. Then converted into sound and manipulated with signal processing and output on an oscilloscope then back to digital gif files and formed into a matrix. Analog, digital, analog and then digital.

The Hornbook and Its Use In America 

The battledore is related to the older hornbook. Children used the hornbook before paper was affordable. The hornbook was a board with the alphabet, vowels and sometimes the Lords Prayer. It had a clear layer on top to protect the paper so the child could trace the letters with their fingers. (Could they write on it and erase it?)  This thin layer was made out of sheep or goat horn.

The Humble Hornbook 

After researching the battledore more, perhaps I should add the cross which was found at the beginning of the alphabet and the Lords Prayer.

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