Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha KEYS #2
Incursions does not play like the vanilla game. It provides a competitive, teamwork and tactics oriented experience!

So if that sounds good, then Incursions is meant for you! =)

Once you got into the closed alpha you should first join the Incursions discord server where you can coordinate with other players to fill the servers and get a match going (that's handy during low activity hours).

On discord you can also leave your feedback for the developers. Best practice is to take notes during or close after a match, and then put all your feedback into one big message.

In addition to the discord server you can also join the conversation on reddit!

So I have got 10 keys for the BF1 Incursions Closed Alpha which can be redeemed inside of origin!

I published the first 5 keys earlier today, below you can find the remaining 5!


Hopefully I will see you on the Battlefield this weekend!
Have fun!