Battles Begin
Bob Slade almost rescues the girl--well, the almost-a-girl--in Verse Three, Chapter One:  The First Multiverser Novel; Chapter 122, Slade 41.  He's not done yet, and neither are his companions, but with this we move into the climactic moments in the stories.

I feel as if there is a lot more happening, but I don't know what it is; maybe that's because I was up just a bit earlier than usual (and still haven't adjusted to the time change) to drive someone to work; I don't usually manage to get to bed early, and it doesn't appear to be a good day for a nap.  I am, however, thinking of doing an analysis of a movie that has become available to me, something called Time Lapse in which information comes from the future via a camera.  That's all I know so far, but that might be enough to tell me the critical points.  We'll have to see if we can carve out time to watch it.  Meanwhile, the Presidential primary races have become so incredible that it's difficult to know what to write about them.  However, I'm beginning to formulate something on each side, so maybe I'll have something political this week.