My first airplane trip was a little bit scary but it was totally worth the scare! All the experience began on the international airport of silao in Guanajuato, Mexico. It was a sunny and hot day when we finally adobe to the airport, it was a way more little than the Mexico City airport but it was a cute organized airport. After we arrive the airport we need to wait until our fly arrives, well I don't know how exactly an airport works but I guess It must have an intricate system of navigation. Anyway our airplane finally arrive around 2:30 pm and we aboard. The boarding station was quite beautiful because it has this amazing big crystal panels all over the place so a lot of light is visible! In a begging I thought that the main access for the airplane was the airplane chairs but o was pleasantly surprised that the system was more easy by a kind of túnel that connects directly the boarding station to the airplane. Within the airplane I was immensely happy but very very inside my being I was a little big scared, then I thought this is ridiculous the airplanes accidents almost never happens and is more probable to death within a car that a plane so I calm my nerves and enjoy the trip. First the airplane star to run in the runway to get impulse to go to the sky, that part was a little bit weird because I was felling like riding a car whit a lot of speed but in a more soft sensation. The finally the airplane take off and the sensation was like riding a roller coaster it was so funny and quite scary but totally new and different! During the way I fell a little bit of turbulence but nothing special and we finally land to the Cancun airport.