BB Wars: Episode IV - The Final Assault (Part 4: "Pinned by Fear")
(Part 4: "Pinned by Fear") - Phase 2 of Day 1 begins in earnest.  The EMPIRE proceeds to take The Town before the REBELs do, but the REBELs beat us to it.  Now, I am trapped by determined and heavily entrenched REBELs.

The Empire and the Rebellion have fought a long and costly war against each other across the nation.  This conflict will now end in the forested wetlands of Ballahack Airsoft located in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Will the Empire bring back order and security to this world?  Or will the Rebellion give it the freedom it deserves?

Join me, an Imperial Trooper of Hyperion Platoon, as I do battle with the REBEL Scum who dare challenge the Glorious EMPIRE!  This Operation was made possible by Airsoft GI and G&G Armament!

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AOR2 Uniform
Elite Force 1911 Tac
Lancer Tactical FAST Helmet
Mechanix Gloves
Marine Corps Issue Boots
Revision Goggles
Valken Tactical Mesh Lower Face Mask
Coyote Tan Tactical Vest
HWI Next Generation Tactical Knee Pads
GoPro Hero 3