bbac update (no not that kind)
alright, so thanks to some fun reordering of priorities, writing goals, and scenes, we got some good news for bbac! 

basically, the rest of the finale is gonna be chopped into far shorter chapters, and there will be more of them. i don't know how many just yet, and the chapter titling scheme will change a bit to reflect this from chapters 25-onward, but we're aiming for like, 20-30k instead of the realm of "fight tooth and nail against ao3's character limit while weeping brokenly". 

not only does this mean faster updates, it means chapter 24 is actually almost done! (early access patrons get the chapter a week in advance~) it also means i'm going to post a totally random chapter update post on tumblr with no warning in the near future, which fills me with perverse joy. i don't know why my bbac posts became such shitposts, but they are, and we all must live with this. 

(interestingly, it also means that all of the scenes in the outline i posted as a sneak peek happen... later now. chapter 25 or 26. how about that...) 

also, this isn't actually changing anything about the finale, just how it's presented. everything is still happening as it should be. just with less stress.

i'm not setting any deadlines for anything, but it's gonna be worlds better to have chapters that don't take nine days to read (or nine months to write), and plus, more cliffhangers! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° i know everyone wants this dearly. 

thank you everyone for your support for the story, and i hope you enjoy what's to come! (a lot is to come, look forward to it!)