BBP and the Storm - Feelings

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The Life is Strange add-on has me torn. It isn't done by the original team, Ashly Burch isn't voicing our favorite blue-haired fuck up, and, well, it has literally everything going against it. It's an add-on. It's meant to be the end of the series, hopefully answer a few questions, and go full angst.

The Original Life is Strange was a real perfect storm. It was unexpected, heart-breaking, and it took out of me until I had nothing to give. Not since The Last of Us, had I held a game in such high regard.

This add-on, from the looks of it, looks like something I won't even play, much less write about.

.... Okay, I might still play it. Under protest. I mean, spoiler alert, it's going to be sad. Like, really sad. They showed the truck crash and everything. And there's no time travel to tell me that I have a chance to correct something. Life is Strange was interesting because I thought I had a chance to do good, and it could all end well. 'Before the Storm' is an Ironic title, because you know there is no Calm. I feel like Chloe's story was already told. I'm not all that interested in Amber, because the fact that she was made ambiguous made her interesting. I can take a guess as to what went down beforehand. You can't really change history without time travel. You might as well just make it a movie. There's no major choices to be made.

Also, she knew nothing about Rachel's second life. Nothing about Frank, or Jefferson, or anyone. So will we be playing as Rachel? How did they get three episodes out of this? It's like Chloe is the secondary character, again. It's exactly how I wrote about it in my fic (Ch. 5). Max was the one with the powers, so you can't tell the story through Chloe's eyes, because there's so much going on elsewhere. It will be the same for her in the add-on.

Also. I want Max in the game. Obviously. Long live the Pricefields. Not there to watch Chloe ultimately fail to get over Max, and try to get with Rachel. Knowing that game, she will probably hook up with Amber, because they left that totally open to interpretation. Or they'll let you choose. Same end result - Crushed Chloe, dead Rachel.

This game has given me so many feels, and it's not even out yet.

But what's your opinion of Before the Storm? Is it something worth your attention? Do you have enough faith in Dontnod, and the company that they put their faith in (Deck Nine Games) to continue their story? Or do you think it's just a cash grab, and a stall for time for the real Life is Strange 2?

It could be all of it, but personally, I need to hear more about it. Even though it sounds like I've already made my mind up, even to me, I'll listen for more details, and decide before I buy.

What do you think?