Be Bliss! About What I Do & My Story
 My name is Dante, this channel is called BeBliss because it's really about finding that state of being that is totally clear, connected, and non-resistance that; that purest state of consciousness that is total bliss! Joy and happiness are great and can lead to bliss, yet bliss is something further beyond. Bliss is essentially just who we are, what the Universe is, the most pure state of connection with Source. Embodying Bliss requires both the right meditative focus of awareness and to allow that spark of Source, the bliss within our very own hearts, to move us to continuous inspired action. My website is called for numerous reasons... For one I wish for everyone to wake up to that bliss that is natural, profound and found inside, so that we all may be bliss beings! I work with collective energies and act as a guide for many in these powerful times of change and transformation on the earth. I as well act as a channel for many higher dimensional beings, who are wishing to connect with more humans and help us in this awakening process. These beings, existing beyond the polarity of the physical world, are in a constant state of bliss!  And want to help us access our own blissful nature!  I serve and help others access this bliss through many outlets! I work with many healing modalities, practices, and medicines that help clear resistances from the body and mind and allow the channels to open. I also guide and counsel people through their processes of awakening and transformation, navigating the challenging manifestations as they arise and using them as the spiritual rocket fuel they really are! I travel around the world and bring groups of people together for accelerated group healing processes, using ceremonial cacao as a tool to open the heart and make connections between people. I lead retreats in the beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, where I have lived half the year since 2013!  I am a Kundalini (Kundalooney) yoga teacher, channel for the Pleiadain extra-terrestrial group, energy healer and spiritual counselor, and a teacher/light bringer for the new earth! I work with clearing the mind/body of old toxic energies and beliefs through such a way array of practices, healthy conscious lifestyle, and sacred plants.   I am originally from Pennsylvania in the US. Coming from a family with extreme addictive tendencies and a  dense, fear-based societal conditioning process I was really in tremendous darkness coming into my adult life until there came some magic medicine and then I was blasted open and a huge metaphysical longing emerged in me that lead me to devote myself to yoga that lead to discovering energy healing which lead me to discover the codes of the new times to come. In 2012 the "shift" brought me to Mexico, where Mayans had anticipated the new time that birthed, and i followed my heart (and my friends) to Guatemala where I met my teachers, two very different shamanic teachers who helped me step into my path. 6 years later I am constantly occupied bringing the light, teaching classes, leading retreats, and illuminating the way for those to come! I love my life on this amazing blessed planet! It's amazing place to evolve and serve and I'm surrounded by incredible people and bliss beings to share the journey with!