For my latest release"Blue Bird", I wanted to create something special with my Rhodies this month! Whether you stream it via Soundcloud or if you've already downloaded "Blue Bird" off of Bandcamp, I want to get as much footage of you guys and gals singing along to the track as possible. You can do it solo or with some friends and family, anything goes! You can also use SnapChat to record clips of it if that's easier. From there just make sure you download them to your phone and send them either individually or as a compilation. Again, ANY THING GOES. Then all you have to do is email it [email protected]. Because of the file size it will probably make sense to send it via Google Drive or if you have dropbox, that's fine, too. 

Once I get all the footage, I will edit it myself and try to post it as soon as possible! So get your cameras rolling and get turnt on BLUE BIRD!!! I'm shooting for a mid-June release (sooner if I get the footage together!). 

Looking forward to sharing this video with my RHODIES!!!!!

Pass this message along and keep spreading the word of "Blue Bird"!!!




The Blue Bird release (Live Show) is happening on May 27th at The Night Owl in Fullerton, CA. RSVP: