Be in our next video! Yes, YOU!
Hello!!! We are making another video with YOUR HELP (like Nothing To Prove ) —and we need your submissions!! All you need is paper, marker, and a phone or camera to film.

Here are all the details! Deadline is Tuesday!

I’ve been feeling pretty negative recently. Personally, politically, anxiety… it’s filling my head and world with negative thoughts. But I’d like to turn that around. There are a million messages we get all the time that say we should be hopeless. That we can’t. Those voices are outside and inside. BUT – they’re wrong. This is a thing I remember when a friend of mine needs help. She’s amazing. She’s wonderful. But the voices in her head tell her that she isn’t.

So let’s get some AFFIRMATIONS going. Talk to yourself like you would to a friend. Tell yourself that you are worth it. That you have a bunch of amazing qualities. That you are your own Wonder Woman. And then use that positive energy to change the world.

We want to make a new video for our song “Wonder” (in part to celebrate the new Wonder Woman movie, yes, but we are not affiliated with/sponsored by them!)—and we’d like YOU to help, with those affirmations! Specifically, we are looking for folks/families/groups of all genders and ages to take a short video of themselves with a sign that tells us what makes you a superhero!

We will select as many as we can of your submissions to put into our official music video for the song!

DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 23 at midnight. The end.
Step 1: Send video to: [email protected].
Step 2: Fill out the release/credits form! We can’t use your video unless you fill out the form.


Your video should have:

  • YOU (or your kids, or your friends, or family – but everyone should know what’s happening and be ok with this video being public and on the Internet!)
  • A visible/legible sign with something positive about yourself!”I am wonderful” “I am awe-inspiring” “I am brilliant” “I am loved/loving/lovable” “I am powerful”…. stuff like that. “I am wonderful” “I am awe-inspiring” “I am brilliant” “I am loved/loving/lovable” “I am powerful”…. stuff like that. “I’m not a quitter.” “I remember my friends’ birthdays” Maybe dig deep and find something that it’s hard to tell yourself. Something that you sometimes forget to appreciate.
  • If you have cosplay or relevant props – Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, or anything else… yes, please wear it!
  • The subject/person should be close to the camera, the text should be big, bold, and legible. Use a thick/heavy marker, please!
  • You can move in the video, a little bit! Give us a smile, a thumbs-up, or some other thematically-appropriate gesture. But please keep it short, each video will only be in for a couple of seconds.
  • Please keep it kid-safe! No swears or adult content, this will be shown to young ones!
  • 5-10 seconds of video, with the camera sitting still and pointing toward you. You’ll need to run your camera a little longer than you think.
  • video format: .mov, .mp4, .avi are all good. We can’t use .mpg. You can definitely take the video on your phone, but please don’t compress the video to something tiny and grainy. You should send the biggest file your phone makes. If you film on a DSLR or some other fancy camera, feel free to compress down to 1080p or 720p, we don’t need your giant files!
  • The final video will look like “Nothing to Prove,” so feel free to take inspiration from there for composition!
  • Note: depending on how many people submit, we may not be able to fit everyone in. We’ll be selecting for diversity and easy-to-watch footage.
  • Send your video as an attachment, send as google drive, send a link to a file on Dropbox (please don’t add us to shared folders), or if you know another service, use that!
  • Lastly, PLEASE hold your camera horizontally. We do NOT want vertical videos. Here’s a handy graphic, please look at it.

Thank you, friends!