Be inspired every day.
I can't get enough flower and bloom quotes! There are so many and they all apply to my themes for A Year in Bloom. 

You know what that is, right? A Year in Bloom. 

I have a great personal development thing going primarily on Facebook, but I am living every day in my life and it extends in everything I am doing.

A Year in Bloom is my philosopy for life - I want to live my life as if I am blooming, facing the sun in full bloom - my best, brightest, healthiest, and happiest.

Care to join me?

I am doing a 365 Day Challenge as part of A Year in Bloom. You can see a Word of the Day every single day with a "theme" word and some inspiration in my private Facebook group. It is the only place I am sharing the word every day. I hope to see you there:

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