Be a little brave!

As the song goes, “…land of the free, and the home of the brave.” It’s easier said than done, but here’s a truth I’ve heard many times. The place with the most stories, inventions, and ideas? It’s the grave yard. So many of us don’t even try and the gifts we’re given are left to die with us.

Now is the time to change things. The past is just a story - and it’s gone. The future hasn’t happened and worrying about it does you no good. Worry wastes time and more often than not, isn’t even realistic.

I remember the first time I let someone read one of my stories. Being me, I was supremely confident that what I had written was wonderful. Well, that turned out not to be true and I pouted about it for months. I completely re-wrote the story and submitted it again and again it wasn’t true. Persistence was the key.

I learned the most I’ve ever learned about writing by submitting those stories. I no longer pout for days, let alone months, when they aren’t received well - because now I know it’s just a step and the next product will be better. I learn from each step and now my stories are well received, even if they aren’t perfect.

Perfect is a myth and an excuse brought on by the worry. No story is perfect. No edit is perfect. No finished copy is perfect. If you want to write, take the plunge. We all have stories and there are great stories that people are refusing to write because of fear.

Be a little brave. Put that story on paper and let someone read it. If you need to pout, do, but learn and take the next step. A lot of us are pulling for you.