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I've been quite occupied.  

I'm trying to get back to "normal" work life, trough rehab and worktrainee thingies. Back to Youth Worker.. I have little to studies to do, but I want to be sure I'm ready for it.. so.. worktraining and a lot of it. AND we've been moving to new apartment.. last one started to get little expensive and our neighbours were quite loud. New one is nice. Not the dream home.. but better than most. SO.. I haven't have time to do much of ART.. but I've done some crochet :D that is art project for me.. but it come's so slow that.. well there's just not much to tell about it. .

I have bought some new toys for me, like these weird ink pen's and.. some new ink's.. but OH MY.. I need to get more paper soon :D Anyhow... back to subject. I've done lot's of new designs to Live Heroes, hoping to get some customers via there. They make good products and pictures stay in clothes even lot's of washing (I know, we have couple of my designs from there). and the prices are quite cheap (well atleast from the eyes of Finnish person). SO.. go and see. Well.. as usually, everyone of you can see, there's a lot of post that you can't see, that's because most of my stuff here in Patreon is for my Patrons (that is quite logical to me). The more you patronage me.. more you get to see my stuff. ofcourse also.. if you want to keep me making art and showing it to world.. well.. it all cost money. .. so long story short.  

GIVE ME MONEY! and.. also.. we have moved.. so I will start making art again and new videos.. like the one that I'm about to show to my Patrons right after I've posted this.