Be A Part Of A Legacy - Community Purchase of the Sol Collective Building

After a decade of work in the Sacramento community promoting arts, culture, and activism, Sol Collective is working to leave not only a legacy for the next generation of young artists and activists, but a space they can call their own. When the building we currently rent went up for sale recently, the organization was given the option to move or to purchase the building. Sol Collective and community supporters quickly went to work to come up with the initial down payment on the building. The Collective has already raised 50k of the $100k down payment and are reaching out to the community to help the cultural organization get one step closer to building ownership. Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation today will help Sol Collective leave a legacy of ownership for Sacramento’s young creators and communities of color!“This is for the next generation,” explains Sol Collective’s Founder and Executive Director Estella Sanchez, “We don’t want them to have to worry about rent or displacement and this way we ensure there is always a creative space held for young people and communities of color in Sacramento.”

In addition to the daily arts and cultural programming that Sol Collective provides via their youth labs, recording studio, internship programs, Sol Collective also plays host to the Sacramento Activist School, Sacramento Young Feminist Alliance, local Aztec dancers,Foreign Native, Zero Forbidden Goals, and countless organizations who utilize the 3,200 square foot gallery on a weekly basis. Sol Collective also works to host the Global Local festival, Souls of the City (Dia De Los Muertos) in Old Sac, and The Piñata Festival in addition to supporting festivals and community events throughout Sacramento and beyond. Sol Collective also collaborates with community organizations to provide youth arts programming throughout the city at public events.

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