Beach Tennis interview, 2nd part - Nikita Burmakin (Russia) - Mladen Stankovic
The 2nd part of an exclusive interview with Beach Tennis, 11th in the World, Nikita Burmakin (Russia) by Mladen Stanković for Shark Sport - Beach Tennis.

Here you can watch the 1st part of the interview

Video parts (ENG) with English subtitle.
00:00 - 00:17 ➜ Introducing
00:18 - 02:08 ➜ Model for growing Beach Tennis in one country
02:09 - 02:34 ➜ About Nikita Burmakin
02:35 - 02:46 ➜ Credits

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Mladen is an International Sport Expert with extraordinary experience, ex high level Beach Tennis player and present Beach Tennis coach, he knows so many tips that can help players and coaches in general.

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