Beacon Update: 9/30/19

Welcome to Monday! We're through another week, which means more updates for Beacon. This week, I tackled the last bit of the zone map and did up some lab assets.

Current Room Indicator

My original plan was to make the player's current room flash on the zone map, but the way Ladybug is set up all the rooms would have to be the same dimensions. Instead, I added a Bot icon to the current room. When the player opens the zone map by pausing the game, a little Bot flashes in the current room to tell the player where they are. 

Lab Decorations

The astronauts needed somewhere to store oxygen, so here's a tank! I'll also be using these tanks for specimen storage across the Lab.

Also made smaller oxygen tanks to scatter throughout the zone.

And little wall lights. In the future, I'll add shaders to make them shine bright when the power's on.


Finally, here's the first astronaut: R. Able! He's Bot's creator and all-around mechanical maintenance. You'll find him in the Oxygen Generator Array after the next release.

Some of his sprite blends into the background (namely his backpack), but eventually I'll have a parallax background that'll solve the visibility issue. Each zone's palette is only 5 colors, so this is just an obstacle I have to deal with. 

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