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Beam Me Up! (2014) Grade 1 Elementary Band
Here it is, my new piece for elementary band. "Beam Me Up!" is a fun, adventurous piece for elementary band, Grade 1. Featuring the actual moment when the transporter beam is fired up! This piece introduces students to the dotted quarter-eighth rhythm, eighth note triplet, eighth-sixteenth combination for snare drum, trills for the woodwinds, and utilizes mouthpiece buzzing and scooping for the upper brass and an F3 to Bb3 glissando for the trombones. Works well with reduced instrumentation. Thanks to my patrons for supporting this piece and continuing to support me. This is my first official paid creation on Patreon! $7 isn't much, but it's a start! My next goal is to release two pieces in July, the first of which will be a piece for elementary strings. Be sure to leave me a comment on this piece, or a suggestion for my strings piece!
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