Beanie Pattern Updates!

I've been working on beanie pattern updates today. I added bat pony wings and ears to the main mare pattern and just need some testing for the stallion pattern. (testers feel free to e-mail me!) I also made up a layout guide for future beanie kits, so it saves me a bit of work tracing all the pieces out and makes sure I don't accidentally send someone a kit with a wrong or missing piece....whoops.

I also decided all my patrons will receive the stallion pattern update for free! :) It comes with the flat hoof variant pattern. Everyone else will need to pay $5 for it, and it will be available on my etsy when it is ready.

For all those who would like my updated mare pony pattern, I actually updated the files directly on google drive! So if you received the pattern from me via, e-mail you should be able to download the update there. I updated the file through etsy as well, but I'm unsure if you are able to download the new updates in purchase history (but I'd assume so). If you bought the pattern previously and  lost the old e-mail or are unable to download the new version etsy, just send me an e-mail: [email protected]