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One of the things the new software can do is mirrored drawing. Maybe not multi-directional, but it saves SO MUCH mental space to ink digitally and just have it doing things automatically. It lets me go free-form and not worry as much. I attached the pencil sketch, which I mirror flipped in Photoshop, to show where it started, but I don't know yet how to capture video from a software, so I can't show you how it went in Manga Studio. I did finishing effects and color with Photoshop still. I enjoy doing these kinds of iconic, geometric designs, but even if I only did half in ink, it hurts my fingers a fair bit to do that much noodling around, so wonders of technology, you know? I plan to eventually put this out as stickers and t-shirts, but for now, Patrons can have wallpaper (attached!). I will probably do a patron-only-drawing for stickers when this goes public!
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