BeardVsEvil: Exclusive Extended Pilot
Hi everyone!  Tim here.  First thing, I want to thank everyone who listened to my first episode of BeardVsEvil.  This podcast is the kind of show I've wanted to do since we started doing podcasts back in 2013 with the ShowMe Comicast.

The official pilot was heavily edited.  I like to let conversations flow naturally, and I don't like to keep my guests on a particular path.  In my opinion, doing so reminds the guest that they are on a microphone and things become a little less natural.  It's something I even found myself struggling with when I was recording this episode.

Between the interview with Sam, and the tribe segment with Nick and Jimmy, I recorded almost THREE AND A HALF HOURS of conversation.  That's longer than a Joe Rogan podcast, and I'm no Joe Rogan.  Asking the listeners of my very first episode to invest that much time was a lot to ask, and a big risk.  So in the end, that 3.5 hours got whittled down to just over an hour.

This exclusive extended pilot is my preferred version of the episode, and is just over two hours.  The interview with Sam is nearly twice as long and still just as engaging.  Nick and Jimmy's tribe segment is a little longer, as well, and the conversation gets a bit deeper and personal.

There's still more that I left in the cutting room floor in regards to my conversation with Nick and Jimmy that I may include as bonus content for the Patreon supporters.  Those clips may be interesting, but there wasn't anything about them that pertained to the episode overall, so I opted to leave them out of this extended cut.

I hope you enjoy this version.  After some feedback I've received, I've removed the music from in between segments, and the campfire sounds during The Tribe have been reduced.

Let me know what you think, and thanks again for everything!