Bearings are NOT created equal!!!!!!

May 2, 2017

GMC Motorhome, Timken bearings only

We have an elephant that just entered the room… you know me, I’m saying something!  As our assault on quality parts continues, I can now only rely on specs of one brand of wheel bearings to be consistent enough for us to use on the GMC. 

Before I get specific on this understand this is not the first part to become unuseable for us.  Transmission filter kits… A long standing tried and true still built in America.. supposedly…. the ATP brand B-40 transmission filter will not consistently work in our 425 automatic transmission.  Someone decided to size their pickup tube on the minimum side of their tolerance…. all that means the tube fits loose into the transmission causing air bypass starving the transmission for fluid.  Ask me how I know?  2 good friends of mine I did work for found their transmissions slipping!!!  Bad ATP ….. if I would have continued to use or simply not say anything about ATP brand trans filters I woul;d be part of the problem… I just can’t do that….. similar to when I found the original 4 bag air suspension system was not robust enough to stand up…. the quad bag system was then developed………

NOW, what this is all about…. after poling other folks I respect in the GMC community I find others have come to this conclusion …. here goes… for decades we have all agreed that our front “23set” front wheel bearings had to be Timken brand bearing sets.  Why?  Many people have attempted to be the guru and answer that question of which most of those explanations didn’t mean much to me…. I did however adopt using only Timken bearings in the unique front wheel bearing assembly. 

Tempkin bearings are not sourced well for some reason in the south down here…. this wet world is owned by National brand bearings and Federal Mugul.  Manufacturers reps are trained to explain their products are the best…. yeah how the ATP rep tried to make me believe that for the greater good their made their tubes on the trans filter too small!!!!  yeah, that kinda stuff!  Well, the BCA/Bower, Federal Mogul and National folks for years have been telling me that front wheel bearing thing was a myth…. OK but I’m doing this… I’m using Timken front bearings….. but the rear wheels really are nothing special, they eren’t much more than a tried and true tapered trailer bearing design setting the preload with the outer castle nut.  Anyone can repair and replace those and many people make them.  BCA/Bower, National and others having good availability here … we’ve been using those bearings for the rear.  We have been buying and having front Timken wheel bearing sets sent to us by Jim K. at Applied GMC in California…. It was lass money to buy them from Jim K. and have them shipped to me here than buying them locally!   Hey, distribution is what it is…..