The beast hides in us
Regardless of social status, age, education and other differences, almost any person can be turned into a beast. Yesterday's  quiet family man and hard worker, easily becomes an aggressive beast  ready to kill, torture and mock his fellow tribesmen (see Stendorf  prison experiment and generally classical psychological experiments). We are too accustomed to the fact that the human is something inherent in ourselves in itself. But the person does not separate much from the beast. Despite the relative truce in Ukraine, the information war is not slowing down and even speeding up. A medium is created and injected, which generates animals. Critical thinking is ridiculed. Attempts  at peaceful resolution of conflict situations are grounds for  accusations of cowardice, cowardice: "How, do you doubt it? Do you  remember that they did in 1917/1933/1943 / the day before yesterday /  they were animals, not people!" So atrocities yesterday feed the atrocities of tomorrow. Meanwhile, we have enough systems in peacetime, which, to put it mildly, do not contribute to the emergence of Human. These  are orphanages and boarding schools, where children grow up with a  minimal chance of experiencing love, and from where they are then thrown  out into the world, like sacks from wagons on the run. This  is the entire punitive system with its prisons, which are called upon  to correct stumbled, but actually improve the criminals, placing them in  conditions of strict pride. These  are depressive areas of depressed cities, where one kid from the yard  threw everything and left, and the rest in the land, in prison or sell  health in harmful production. It's  all of us, more or less prosperous guys and girls: we do not see, we do  not hear, we refuse to notice what is happening very near. But with the gloating of knowing everything, we repost pictures like "and then they asking for money for a sick child ...". And we are surprised, but where do they come from? In a nutshell: friends, please, please, please, try not to incite hatred once again to anyone. There are so many around her. Grow Love. Celebrate Wisdom. Let not by what happens, but in spite of. Form the environment for Human. And then it will manifest itself, come to life in us. Thank you.