BeastCoast Episode 2 Update 01
This week marks the moving on period, moving on from Episode 1 and the hooks it dug into me, and onto the next Chapter in our saga. Since his first attempt at 100 miles on the Erie Canal during a brutal winter Beast of Burden 2 years ago (3 races ago) I began filming him. Sean's persistence in following up two years of DNF brought him back to the start line for this years attempt. In that time span he has watched both his wife and daughter come into the ultra running fold. Back in October Kristy won the inaugural Candlelight 12 hour, this time she would be running the 50 mile of Beast during Sean's 100 attempt. Tonight I interview the family in preparations to complete the Stories Storybook Ending -- working title? Lots of footage, lots of flat, something different than your average ultra, but the Stories are not your average people.