Beattypalooza (a.k.a. The Wedding of the Century!)
yeah. someone had a fantastic idea. let's have a wedding and treat it like a vehicle to really throw ourselves a music festival! that's basically what this was. fans of mine, Matt Duke, Ernie Halter, Keaton Simons, Jay Nash and the Rollaways brought us all up to Chicago to be the musical entertainment for their special day. TFDI played the cocktail and dinner set, Keaton lit up dessert, Ernie got folks out on the dance floor and things rapped up nicely with an all-star jam alongside Toronto rockers, Enter The Haggis. you know me, it wouldn't be a trip if I didn't take y'all along for the ride. check out the familiar faces in this one. hope you dig it!

and as always, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your support. I can't believe the Extravaganza is coming up on 3 years. crazy! you guys are my sunshine... my only sunshine, you make me happy when... 

you get the idea. much Love and gratitude!


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