Beautiful Cruel World (English Version // Attack On Titan ED) (Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai)
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  • Thanks for joining me on my Patreon journey! At this level, you’ll have access to my Patron-only stream, where I’ll be engaging in dialogue on what’s to come as far as covers, conventions, and more – as well as asking for your input and opinions on my music and my content! Rest assured that I’ll be able to read and respond to everything you post here.
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  • Get involved in my creative process! At this level, you’ll get to hear exclusive previews of the music I’m working on so you can weigh in on them, as well as get to vote on polls to help me decide what I should sing next when I have multiple songs in mind. 
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  • You’re the bomb! Let me send you a personal hand-written thank you letter in the mail to show my gratitude towards you for supporting me on this platform, as well as some cute stickers with my channel name on them that you can otherwise only get if you find me in person at a convention!
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  • Words have power! If you support my work at this level, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart by sending you a set of beautiful limited edition hand-written and signed lyric sheets for a song of your choice that I have written or adapted the lyrics for.
  • In addition to this reward, your name will appear in the description of every video you help support as a Patreon Producer credit, if you are okay with this!
Includes Discord rewards
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