The Beautiful Day
       There are places where the energy of Otherworlds overlap with our physical world, places where the beauty pours in and touches our hearts. We don’t need to make a pilgrimage to Stonehenge or other famous magickal monuments to find these spaces of uplifting joy; in fact they are tucked away in the most ordinary corners. 

      This morning I’m sitting in my little writing hut that we call the Witch’s Cottage in the garden at Summerstown. It’s a crisp five degrees Celsius but inside I’ve got the space heater on and it’s warmed up enough to write. When we moved to this property last year I started to familiarize myself with the flow of the energy here and the places where lines of energy intersect creating swirling wells where power rises. These are the places where we can connect with the energy of the realm of the Sidhe, the energetic realm closest to our human physical realm. Finding these ‘thin’ places and connecting with them changes our inner vision and creates the opportunity for dialogue between ourselves and the Sidhe for the mutual purpose of healing the earth. There are other benefits and side-effects of working with these magickal places that you can discover by following these steps.

     The way I find these energetic areas is by dowsing. I create a map of the area that I am searching and through meditation, while holding the map, I imagine that the map and the land are connected and that they are one and the same. With my intention to find lines and wells of power I dangle a pendulum over the map and move it in a systematic grid like pattern until I have covered the entire map. I note where the pendulum swings in lines, where the lines cross and where the pendulum swings in circles. When I have finished marking all these places on the map I head outside and walk these areas.

     Here on our property there is a very old apple tree with a large boulder imbedded in its roots forming a flat surface on the ground. We call it the ‘Faery Stone’. This is the most powerful energetic area on the land where we live and holding a pendulum over it creates wild swinging circles. If you were to stand on this stone very quickly you would feel as if static electricity were crawling up your legs. A few people that have tried it have described it as ‘floating’, a feeling of having ‘no legs below the knees’, or being plugged into an electric ‘current’ which coursed through their body. 

     We are planning to create a stone circle under the apple tree as an outdoor meditation or ritual space and on the Fall Equinox this year we erected our first stone in honour of our friend Druid Ivan Macbeth who passed last year. This is a long term project but for now I am connecting with the energy of the Sidhe by bringing up this earth power into my body while standing on the Faery stone at different times of the day. Ideally I would like to do it at dawn, noon, sunset, moonrise and midnight but I’m not always able to be here at these times. First I stand on the Faery stone and face each direction intentionally attuning my energy to the four directions as well as above, below and within. I start to breath up the energy of the stone into my body imagining it rising higher and higher until the current fills me and flows through me. How do I know that my energy and inner vision is changing? I start to see the incredible beauty of the day and this feeling of awe-inspiring beauty creates a sensation of ecstatic joy within my heart.

     This feeling of being overwhelmed by beauty is the inner state that invites contact with any of the Sidhe that are on the borderlands of our world and theirs and who are interested in working with humans to co-create harmony and healing in the world. The first time I realized how this ecstatic beauty altered vision I was actually ‘off- roading’ with Ronin in his jeep. We had stopped for a rest and I had walked into a field of wild flowers apart from the group. Sitting and gazing at a beautiful white flower my inner vision suddenly shifted and I saw the incredible beauty of the blossom. This surging heart-felt beauty changed me and as I looked up, the colours of the day were brighter and I began to see energy patterns around me that I had not seen before. Meditation on beauty became an important magical exercise for me after that.

     One day I was giving a class on the Elements of Wicca and a lady asked to join the group. She was an older lady who identified herself as a scientist. When I asked her why she was interested in our group she told me a story that echoed my own experience. She said that she had visited the forest of Broceliande in France, the place where Merlin was said to have met Viviane le Fay, and was walking alone in the woods when she came to a circle of stones. She sat among them and suddenly became overwhelmed by the beauty of the forest. As she sat there in this state she began to be aware of small cloaked men standing behind each stone watching her. There was no verbal contact with them but now she was trying to find a rational explanation for what had happened. I knew what it was; beauty had overwhelmed her in a thin place where the energy of the Otherworld surged and her vision of reality had changed. She had contacted ‘The Beautiful Day’ and it had changed her forever.

     I invite you to try this where you live and I would love to hear your adventures of entering into the vision of the Beautiful Day. This is only the beginning of the changes that can happen within you and your life created by ecstatic joy and magickal awareness. Let us embark on this adventure together and change the world. Blessed Be!

The image attached above this entry is the Ivan Stone with his picture on the day we dedicated it and below is the Round House in Summerstown where we live.