Beautiful Sky Shader | Release

The time has come to release, probably, the most complex shader I ever worked on. It's a beautiful skybox shader with volumetric clouds, day/night cycle, real-world star map and more!

Main features:

  • Just a single material. No extra meshes and scripts. It just works!
  • Suuuper configurable
  • Volumetric clouds with configurable parallax layers count
  • Day/night cycle with beautiful sunsets and downs
  • Real-world rotatable star-map with star-blinking
  • Clouds light scattering
  • VR-ready!
  • Works perfect in VRChat
  • Much-much more!

Note, that this asset is for my Tier III patrons only.

You can download it here:

>>> HERE <<< 

A video about how beautiful it is: 

All the features:

  • It's just a single material, no scripts.
  • You can configure the clouds quality with parallax layers count
  • Automatically sets the sun position depending on your directional light
  • Automatically changes colors depending on the day or night time
  • You can set the sun position manually too
  • Supports moon with it's own settings
  • Clouds scatters light from the sun and moon
  • You can change the cloudiness to make any weather you want
  • You can animate your clouds position automatically or by animator/script
  • Cloud shape control (feathering, etc.)
  • 2 cloud layers
  • Stars supports blinking
  • You can physically move relatively to the clouds
  • Clouds pattern is based on a texture map. so you can make your own unique cloud pattern.
  • Fully editable with Amplify Shader Editor

All the shader properties:

Sky Color Settings - Controls the sky color on day, night and sunset time.

Clouds Color Settings - Controls the clouds color on day, night and sunset time. 

Clouds Volumetric Settings - Clouds settings which controls their shape.

  • Perlin Noise - A texture that used to create clouds. Basically a tiling clouds height-map texture. Can be an RGB texture. Channel R is a main height-map, channel G is a heigt-map for secondary "mini-clouds". Channel B represents clouds feathering. 
  • Cloud Parallax Layers - defines the quality of the volumetric clouds. More layers - better quality, but less performance. I would not recommend to use more then 16 layers for VR usage.
  • Cloudiness -  You can change weather ^__^
  • Clouds Thickness - More thickness, more visible parallax layers, but thicker cloud shape.
  • Clouds Size Reduce - Defines the gradation how cloud's upper part size will be reduced in size.
  • Cloud Bottom Layers - Additional layers to make clouds bottom part a little bit darker. Better use only two or three layers for better performance.

Clouds Wind Settings - You can set an automatic clouds animation, or manually control their position.

Clouds Visual Settings - Controls some visual aspects.

  • Cloud Contrast - Very useful property to control clouds softness.
  • Feathering options - Controls clouds deformation post-effect.
  • Clouds Horizon Height and Gradient - Controls how far you can see the clouds. Must be configured properly if you're using fog.
  • Cloud Masking - How much clouds masks the sun, stars, etc.
  • World Space Clouds - You can move relatively to the clouds in horizontal space.

Mini Clouds Settings - Properties for secondary clouds. (G noise-texture color channel)

Sun Settings - You can configure your sun's shape, scattering, etc.

Moon Settings - You can configure your moon, it's light scattering, colors, rotation etc.

Stars Settings - Configure how your star map will look like. Made to work best with NASA's star-map (included in the archive). Star Blink Noise - is a noise texture, which scrolls through the sky to make a star blinking effect. Uses a B color channel.

Other Settings

  • Auto Light Direction - Sun can be set automatically by your directional light
  • Mirror World - Mirrors your world vertically. Useful for water reflections. No any performance impact.
  • Invert World - Basically mirrors your world horizontally.
  • Cull Mode - Back culling is a default option for using the material for a skybox. Front culling if for using it with a default unity sphere, for example.

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