Beautiful Things
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The Christmas special 

Christine met Rodney in a boarding house in Sydney. She introduced herself to him and the two fell in love. That’s as simple, and as complicated, as this story gets. They go bowling and are known to friends as the lovebirds. 

He said “I don’t want to lose you.”

They hope to get married. Christine wants to wear a white dress and a veil. They are saving for a honeymoon on a cruise ship. 

There are many losses in life. Christine and Rodney have both had their share. Christmas Day, for Christine, as for so many people, is a very sad time.

“Because at Christmas, it’s my mother’s birthday.”

But, for Christine, Christmas with Rodney feels good. She gets to put down her sadness. 

“I’m happy with him.”

And isn’t that a lot to be grateful for? To be happy with the person you love. 

This interview is about simple abundance.