Beauty and the Beast - Disney cover by Jennifer Thomas Ft. Armen Ksajikian

I'm excited to share my newest creation with you all - my new music video the theme from "Beauty and the Beast", featuring cellist Armen Ksajikian. Lots of hard work went into this - not only did I arrange all of the music, but I also did the orchestration, and edited and produced the video.

There are many people involved in this production, so I'm going to tag them here. <3 All are listed in the Youtube credits, but I will mention here as well...

Paramount Theater Cinematography by Arc Media Studios and Ali Mohsenian, Stephen Heller, Micah Knapp, and Darren Brandenburg. Color by Stephen Heller.

Hatley Castle cinematography by Will Thomas

Produced by Jennifer Thomas, Will Thomas

Production Assistant:  Erika Pehrson Nisbet

Cello on loan from:  Morven Balmidiano

Makeup by Katie Horton

Hair by Ashley Bright

Jewelry by Perlstoft


"Theme from Beauty and the Beast" 

(originally by Alan Menken)

Arranged by Jennifer Thomas

Orchestration by Jennifer Thomas

Beats by Jeremy Cays

Percussion by Glen Gabriel

Piano and violins performed by Jennifer Thomas

Cello performed by Armen Ksajikian

Mixed by Brian Vibberts

Mastered by David Ives

Paramount Events - Debra Heesch

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