Beauty Date 11/24/17
today is Friday...another Beauty Date i find myself NOT wanting to participate in...

Today it is NOT surprising (seizures not so silent today)

yet i find myself, defining today as a day to relax and ENJOY myself,

however that be.

This is what Beauty Date is turning to into for me.

Oh yeah...

it is also the day after Thanksgiving...that Black Friday stuff.

A day to STAY AWAY from...everywhere actually.

For people become insane, stampeding for deals.

Beauty is really needed to today.

What is Beauty to me?

One who is so, rested, loved

The kind that glows from the inside...out



Its beautiful even to others

where one's heart catches...

THAT kind of beauty!

Internally ...

that silver lining in the clouds

the kind you wish you had


like we wish for the external

without the envy

the jealousy Lord


Rest in Me

He says.

You ARE Beauty! :-D

(Playing my Special music playlist-the kind that you stumble over every time, that get you to listen to it, no matter what...for a moment, pure enjoyment...the gospel songs that stop you in your tracks, the ones difficult NOT to dance to, wherever you are...

You are Special

He is Special

This is Beauty Date to me...

(i am dating You, my Lord!) :-D

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