Because Chairs Are Evil!
Once a month or so I say to my weekly Human Being Training class at the local university, "Chairs are...." And they say back, "Evil!"

Yes, that's right. Ever since the modern chair was invented back in medieval times, human health has been suffering. Its effects (have you read Deskbound?) have gotten so bad that all the cool kids have gotten standing desks. Not that I'm cool (I'm a total nerd), but check out my almost infinitely adjustable Standing Flamingo desk by Buddhi Boxx! Woo! Lovin' it.

Here's a quick video on some stuff you can do sitting right at your desk, using the same old crappy office chair that's been quietly killing you, to get healthy again! Whether you're an office worker or an obsessed nonprofit founder and owner (hi :), you'll love these body- and mind-freeing little tricks to bring yourself back to life.

Hey, on another note, if you feel like bustin' a move to toss the boss and get into your own line of work, let me know! Many people are realizing they need to follow their instincts about why they're here and what they want to do with their time. My unique Inner Voice Amplification coaching process saved my life from corporate hell and a sordid past of people-pleasing, and it can save yours, too.

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