Because the world is full of color...


Where do I start?

Here, I made a pretty thing for you. I was having a tough time, which is a kind of time I have a lot of, these days. And I don't really know what to do with myself when I'm like that, other than not. give. up. It's dark and terrible and filled with despair, and frankly it's a really shitty place to be. But somehow in the middle of all that I can usually still will myself to pick up pen and paper, or stylus and tablet, and draw my way through it when I'm long past being able to do anything else besides curl in a tight ball.

I do that too, sometimes. Most of the time I'm lucky enough to have people who love me draw near, hold me close, rock me gently. And when I don't, or when I feel myself too much of a burden and I just can't ask for help, I remember the people I love and I hold them near on the inside instead. And I just hang on until it gets better. And it always does, eventually. Always, always.

Most days, a tentative voice inside reminds me I have stories to tell and critters and silliness to wish into the world. Most days I have faith in this one tiny thing - that if I start to draw, it doesn't matter if what happens is total crap. It will make me feel just a little bit better, and just a little bit is enough. A lot of days it makes me feel a LOT better, and that is a gift. I don't know where it comes from. But I will honor the hell out of it, because it gets me through to the next day, and the next.

So. I made a pretty thing for you. It's a teensy bit of hope I saved to share with you. It's a wish for myself and for anyone else who needs it that we can learn to be bigger than our traumas, stronger than our fears - that we can learn to be our own light to find the way. Or at the very least, we can spend a few hours with colored pencils or markers and just revel in a simple thing like color and try not to worry too much about anything more complicated than that. Because the world is still full of color, even when it feels like its gone to greys. The colors are inside you. Grab some markers and let them out onto the page.

I'll be posting various kinds of coloring pages & projects regularly here for the $2/month folks, but this one I just want to share with everyone. Download, print, have at - and let me know what you think. And please, send me pictures of what you do with this - I'd love to see! 

- Akire
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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A black and white line drawing for coloring. The illustration features a songbird in flight, beak open, singing the words, "In the depths of this cold dark place I will sing a song of myself and rise whole, shining, and strong". Behind the songbird is a large sunburst, such that the songbird is set against the circle of the sun, and elaborate rays radiate outward, filled with circles and triangles and stars, and many other details perfect for a highly detailed coloring page.] 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts